Data Management

Data Management

16 March 2020


  • Name:Greensolver Nederland B.V.
  • Country:The Netherlands


Create a web application for managing data for wind farms.

What the client had to say


In the world of wind & solar energy, Greensolver is an established technical expert with offices all over the globe.

Working in this field it is only natural that their applications are held up to a certain standard.This means that they are always searching for the newest features to keep up with the advancements.

Greensolver approached Bitized as they required a solution for storing a large amount of data, such as wind speed, wind direction, and power generated by wind turbines, from wind parks to create monthly and yearly reports.

Which challenges did we encounter?

  • Managing the sheer amount of data
  • Keeping control on data reliability
  • Ensuring optimal performance

Conquering challenges is part of the company motto and is not seen as a setback.

In this case, we managed to create a web application to collect and manage data from over 300 wind turbines all across Europe.The application we created facilitates maintaining data accuracy by allowing the employees to update the values with one click of a button.

Additionally, the application can collect data from the source at two different time intervals while also automatically correcting it overnight.

Finally, we made it easier for Greensolver to log in to their tailor-made online portal to view and manually refresh the data if and when necessary.

This allows them to keep control over their work and gives them the freedom to work progressively.

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