News Publishing

News Publishing

04 November 2019


  • Name:Vigilante Publications N.V.
  • Country:Curaçao


Implement a content management system for publishing news articles.

What the client had to say


Vigilante is a news publishing company based in Curacao that publishes more than 60 news articles every weekday. They strive to find a balance between unpleasant and pleasant news based on the truth.

Using their main channel, their Facebook page with over 161 thousand followers, they post links to funnel users to their website.

Vigilante already had a system in place before we started working with them.They were looking to breathe some new life into what they previously had and take it to the next level.

In their previous setup, they used WordPress and found it easy to use.This is the main reason why they wanted to build their new website using WordPress as well.

For their new website, they wanted to allow users to read the news by purchasing a subscription.Users would be able to choose from 3 types of subscriptions: daily, weekly or monthly.This indicates that the website should be an e-commerce website with login and register capabilities alongside a payment system.

Additionally, it would need to be possible to stream live events on their website.Meaning the website would need to support a certain amount of concurrent users during these live streams.

Lastly, they wanted a simple design that strives for an easy-to-use website for their audience.Based on data, the majority of their audience consisted of people who are old fashioned. A unique clientele.

The biggest challenge was to make sure that everything operated smoothly while still growing at a rapid pace.Serving around 100 thousand users every month with news articles and live streams is an easy way to slow down an e-commerce website or rack up monthly server costs.

With the help of a few industry-standard solutions, we created a system for them to deliver the news fast and reliable.

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