Project Management

Project Management

22 November 2019


  • Name:Solarfields Nederland B.V.
  • Country:The Netherlands


Create a web application for managing projects.

What the client had to say


As sustainable energy is becoming more of a topic of conversation nowadays, several companies are focusing on being able to provide sustainable solutions to their clientele.

As a fast-growing company in the Netherlands, Solarfields' main focus is contributing to a greener world by providing its clients with sustainable opportunities through the power of solar energy.

Solarfields contacted Bitized with a custom request to develop an application to facilitate their project management for their solar parks.

How did we do this? We created a "3P" system.

  • Project - An online portal to easily manage and access their projects and leads
  • Production - Developed a system for live data tracking
  • Park - Creating an overview of the raw data collection

Creating the 3Ps also brought on its fair share of challenges, such as the data migration from their previous application.Ensuring that there was no data loss was our top priority during this phase of the project.

While developing this system we implemented new features to make the user experience more desirable, such as custom email notifications, reminders for upcoming milestones, and a personalized project overview (including live data display).

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