20 August 2021


  • Name:B.G.S. Linen and Services B.V.
  • Country:Curaçao


Create a web application to automatically schedule shifts based on custom business rules.

What the client had to say


Scheduling your employees' work can be a real hassle. It's a repetitive task that can be simplified through automation.

However, this presents its fair share of challenges. Creating shifts and making sure every employee is working enough hours is not a problem. But, the application also needs to be capable of adapting the schedule to ensure enough workers on peak days while also assuring that everyone gets their designated days off.

Like many other companies Eco Wash, a cleaning service company based in CuraƧao, is also confronted with this challenge.They were in desperate need of a solution to simplify their scheduling and shift distribution for their employees.

Due to the constant change in workload(among other factors) the employee schedule tends to be more flexible, contributing to the challenges encountered during this project.

Having to deliver the application on short notice(within a span of a few weeks) and implementing their custom business rules in the scheduling application, tested our own flexibility.

In the end, we are proud to have persevered and delivered the custom application in due time.

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